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Coaches' Corner

Coaches' Corner

For someone else
Carla Cross
For someone else
Purchase for $99 or enter access code


Coaches' Corner provides the coaching materials and guidance to coach to the Up and Running in Real Estate program--plus several recruiting, coaching, and training bonuses. When you join the Coaches' Corner, you are designated as a 'certified coach' for the Up and Running in Real Estate program. You may use the designation and the seal in all your promotional materials. Your entry is for one year, and you can coach as many agents as are registered under your company name in the program.

You Get One Free Entry to Up and Running in Real Estate:

When you have an agent enrolled in Up and Running in Real Estate, you get one FREE Up and Running in Real Estate Program--and entrance to your agent's work. Do not buy your own program. We will provide one free program to you.

Please note: Once an agent is enrolled in the program, there are no refunds (because of the breadth of the program, the accountability involved, and the pricing). Coaches receive information on how to assure that your 'candidate' is one who will benefit from Up and Running in Real Estate.

Important: DO NOT pay for yourself to gain entry to Up and Running in Real Estate. If you are purchasing multiple seats: DO NOT use one of your seats for yourself. Your entry to UP and Running is FREE when you have one agent enrolled in the program. If you erroneously pay for yourself to enroll in UP and Running, your payment is not refundable.

By signing up in the Coaches' Corner you become a certified coach and agree to coach to the principles and guidelines in the UP and Running in Real Estate program.

Your agent has 4 months to finish the program, so he/she can go back and retrieve or review documents, etc. If he/she needs more time, there is an extension fee for $75.

Purchasing Coaches' Corner

Price: $99 US for one year

Important: When you purchase Coaches' Corner and have an agent in UP and Running,  you receive one free tuition for Up and Running.  You will get registered by our administrator and receive notice you are registered.

 If you are purchasing quantity 'seats": DO NOT use one of your seats for yourself. We will not be able to refund you.

Note: You must be enrolled Coaches' Corner to be able to purchase multiple seats for your agents.

If you want to enroll one or more of your agents in Up and Running in Real Estate:

When you pay, be sure to check the box that says the program is for someone else.

You can enroll a student in Up and Running by creating an account for the agent and paying for UP and Running. Be sure you use the student's name and the same name of the company that you used when you completed your coach's biography. Give the agent a user name and password.

Note: When you complete your biography (the page is labeled 'About'), register as a coach (not a student).

 *Non renewing, one time charge for the entire year.

You must be enrolled in Coaches' Corner to be able to purchase multiple seats.

How to get your Agent 'Seat' Discounts and Distribute Them

1. First, enroll in Coaches Corner. 

2. Buy as many 'seats' in Up and Running in Real Estate as you need (you have 1 year to distribute the seats). Be sure to check that the seats are for others. 

Remember: DO NOT use one of your seats for your own Up and Running entry. Carla will give you free entry.

Distributing Your Seats

When someone does a bulk purchase, they get an access code for that purchase which they can give to others. Then the access code can be redeemed via the Catalog by either clicking the link that was sent via the canned message or by going to the course in the Catalog and clicking "or enter an access code".

When you complete the checkout process, in the Purchases area of your dashboard the access code is shown next to the bulk purchase.

If you want to send the access code via email, click on "Bulk email". 

A pop-up will open that allows you to enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to send the access code to. The email is initialized from a canned message. You can also click "Send using your own email client" if you prefer to send it from your own email client.

When someone receives the email, they can access the Course catalog by clicking the link in the message.

They will be redirected to the course's catalog page and the access code will be automatically entered. A pop-up will open where visitors can select to create an account or in case they already have an account, they can sign in.